The Beginning of the Upswing


It is hard to believe it is Monday already. Even harder to believe is that today is my son’s last day of 4th Grade. The time has gone incredibly fast, even though at some times this year I was sure we would not make it through. It has definitely been a rough one.  He made it, I made it, so kudos to us! An entire decade with him has gone by in a flash. To add to my happiness, this year is the first year ever that I get to work from home and actually enjoy summer break with him. It will be nice to not have to rush off and miss all of the possibilities a beautiful summer day can bring!

In other news, we are having band practice tonight, the first one in two weeks. I have not gotten to sing a single one of our songs with the guys since I quit smoking two weeks ago. I am hopeful that it will be a  great practice! We finally have a full set list, a handful of shows booked, and things seem to be moving along very well. I just hope we are ready, really ready, by the time we hit the stage in July. I have to admit, I felt less pressure in the last band because I wasn’t the only singer and I didn’t play guitar at all. I am nervous about both, even though in my first band I was a solo singer as well.

I am definitely ready for things to start moving up, in all areas of my life though. The downward spiral of this past year was awful and I think it’s time to start elevating. Changing jobs was a jolt to my finances, family issues caused an irreparable rift, and my health was starting to be a real problem as well. Thankfully, things are picking up at work, I have cut all of the toxic people out of my circle for the most part, and quitting smoking has done wonders for my energy level and my mood. Let the upswing begin!

About thealyb

I am... 34 a mom a singer an insurance agent an artist (sometimes) funny kind stubborn sarcastic a guitar player a recent non smoker a writer someone that is trying to figure it all out...still. These are many of the things I am, not everything. I started this blog because I quit smoking and need something to occupy my mind and my hands and because I love to read and write and this is the perfect place to do both! Happy reading everyone!

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